Cutting edge Travel Management, Packaging and Booking System


Reservations Features:

Nomad Travel System offers a state of the art reservation interface, is extremely intuitive and is designed to create bookings, even the most complicated ones, in a few simple clicks.

  • Single/Multi City packages – Book services in one destination or manually combine multiple destinations to offer maximum flexibility.
  • Fixed & Suggested itineraries – For your customers who want simplicity and/or are unsure of where to go and what to see, why not offer pre-packaged itineraries? As part of a group or on their own, this module will allow you to give your clientele suggestions and help them book their dream vacation.
  • Create complete customized itineraries featuring FIT, tours & packages, for your customers who have a very detailed itinerary in mind. From hotel stay to transfers and day tours, you will be able to combine all services with the click of a button.
  • Support all types of travel product – air, accommodations, car rental, transfers, rail, tours and even insurance.
  • Book air with our connectivity to a Global Distribution System (GDS) and get real time price & availability for instant booking, without the need of being GDS savvy. Nomad will do the search and will find the best options based on the airlines/classes of service that you want to sell.
  • Ability to combine any travel components, adjust prices and margins in a few clicks, at time of booking, to best answer your customers’ needs. Whether a last minute discount or operational fees to be added to a specific booking, Nomad provides your reservation agents with a simple tool to do it all.

Product Management/Contract Load

Nomad Travel System will handle even your most complex contracted rates. Its unique product load functionality offers unlimited flexibility in rates, policies & inventory across all products.

Product Management Features:

  • Two (2) supplementary options to load all your vendors’ contracts
    • Upload thousands of contracted rates at once using our very detailed and easy to use spreadsheets. Validation points will assure that your contracts are all entered properly.
    • Or use the web user interface for a quick way to load smaller contracts, ideal for single rate contracts.
  • Ability to make real time contract updates for last minute changes. Access all products through the web user interface to make all types of changes, whether you need to modify rates, seasons, allotment, etc…
  • Ability to support the most complicated rules, ie fixed departure dates, date restrictions and seasonality, inventory, exceptions, child rates, room combinations, promotions etc…

Multi-brand system to allow multi company sales. Whether you want to advertise your products under different companies or just target different world markets, Nomad Travel System allows the setup of multiple brands and will record all your sales separately.


The Nomad Travel System allows you to maximize your profits while offering the best incentives and promotions to your customers.

Marketing Features:

  • Apply coupons and promotions, manually and/or automatically at time of booking – Customize your promotions based on various parameters such as specific product, specific rate, service date, booking date, number of nights, etc…
  • Offer your best Travel Agency incentives to promote one or more products and increase your sales through the Nomad Commission Structure module. Whether you are targeting a specific group of travel agencies or want to offer an additional commission to all, Nomad will let you adjust the commission amount (or percentage), based on many parameters like brands, destinations, product types, services and even dates of operation.
  • See and manage your inventory real time – Make changes through the Nomad web user interface in seconds to increase or decrease your inventory as needed. From allotment changes to stop sales, Nomad will handle your most challenging inventory fluctuations.
  • Fully integrated Content Management System (CMS). Load your web content into Nomad, control what you would like to show on your website and see your changes immediately, without the need of a separate system.
  • Fully customizable marketing documents for electronic distribution to your targeted audience – Nomad Travel System comes with a set of pre-loaded documents. All documents can be easily modified using simple HTML code or quick edit, and can be sent to your customers manually or scheduled to be emailed at specific times.

Customer & Travel Agency Management (CRM)

Manage all your clients through the Nomad Travel System. Keep all your customers’ information in a central place and avoid the need of duplicating data in a separate system.

CRM Features:

  • Keep your customers’ contact information up to date, in one system, and manage their account efficiently. Track their travel preferences and never lose any details.
  • Access your customers’ bookings and their history to better market your products, track travel trends and transform your business to offer the most popular services.

Keep track of your travel agencies sales. Use our fully customizable commission structure module, offer more to your best agencies and improve your sales.


Give your operations department the best tool to fulfill reservation requests. The Nomad Travel System comes with a unique automated notification system to ensure a better and faster communication with your vendors.

Operations Features:

  • Workflow queue management system with integrated notification system for quicker communication between your departments. Whether automated or manual, workflow queues will simplify the way tasks are being assigned. With the option to add new queues on the fly, edit existing ones or assign users to some/all of them, this module will change the way your operations are run.
  • Get real time confirmation from your vendors at time of booking, thanks to Nomad’s renowned electronic communication process. Send requests upon reservation or overnight, and let your vendors know the services that were requested the same day.
  • Send fully customizable documents to your customers, such as invoices, day by day itinerary, vouchers and more. All documents can be easily customized to match your brand(s) using simple HTML code or quick edit.

Manage your inventory in just one click


The Nomad Travel System includes a full financial module to ensure a complete control of your revenue, vendor payments and profit.

Financial Features:

  • Multi-currency module to expand your selling options to multiple markets and manage foreign vendor bills. This module will let you use different currencies and control the ever fluctuating exchange rate based on the service date and/or the reservation date.
  • Accept multiple forms of payment – cash, check, credit card. Note that the credit card payment option requires your company to have a contract with a payment processor.
  • Offers online payment option for your customers’ convenience

See your margin and profitability for each single service listed in a reservation in one simple click


Have complete awareness of your clientele’s travel trends, track performance and run your operations with more than 50 standard reports available through our reporting module.

Reporting Features:

  • More than 50 pre-loaded reports for your immediate convenience – From operations to sales and marketing, those ready to use reports will help you track your numbers, see trends in order to manage your business the way you want it.
  • Run reports when needed or schedule them to be emailed automatically as often as you need, to selected users.

Edit existing reports or create new customized ones in minutes, thanks to an intuitive query builder tool, to better address your business needs

Online Booking Engine

Get the Online Booking Engine module and give your customers the flexibility to book their next vacation from the convenience of their home.

Online Booking Engine Features:

  • Customers get real time price and availability for the product/date of their choosing. By letting them create their own quotes, the Online Booking Engine module will increase your sales without the need of adding new reservation agents.
  • Customers can retrieve reservations online at any point of time and review their itineraries.
  • Credit card payments can be immediately processed online without the need of a phone call.
  • Target a wider audience.


Technology Features

  • Web-based browser – Easy to use from anywhere and no software installation required for new reservation agents.
  • Web services APIs available for in house integration.
  • High scalability with regular updates to adjust to the ever changing market needs.

Flexible deployment (Cloud, local server). Whether you have a dedicated server or need to host in the cloud, Nomad Travel System deployment can be achieved quickly and efficiently.

Browser-Based, Platform Independent